Advisory, Development and other Services

Our experienced staff will be pleased to give advice on

  • Developing customized equipment based on the requirements of your application;
  • Selecting a furnace or equipment best suited to meet the requirements of your application;
  • Specifying the required parameter range;
  • Recommending appropriate accessories.

You will receive the benefit of our expertise in all questions of material compatibility in high temperature ranges and in selecting appropriate materials.

Technical Service and Contract Work

You are welcome to use our in-house pilot plant furnaces or rental equipment for your development tests.
Upon prior agreement, we accept orders for contract work, in particular for:

  • Thermal treatment, calcination, sintering;
  • Macro-thermogravimetry for specimens of max. 500 grams in air or in defined gas atmospheres, up to temperatures of 1700 °C;
  • Current-free metallization of ceramics;
  • Soldering of metal/ceramic joints using the active metal soldering method, including advice on material combinations and constructional designs of the soldered joints with regard to specific demands of the ceramics;
  • Thermal treatment of your materials in defined atmospheres, including in hydrogen;
  • Crystal growing.

Repair and Refurbishment of Equipment

As competent experts in high temperature technology, we offer comprehensive service in terms of repair, refurbishment or preventive maintenance of your equipment.

Should you need any further information regarding products of HTM or other manufacturers, we shall be pleased to assist you.






HTM offers its customers wide-ranging services.

We shall assist you with any questions concerning the feasibility of high temperature applications, contract work in our in-house high temperature furnaces or application problems that may occur in your own furnace.