Rotary Tube Furnaces

HTM produces a wide variation of rotary tube furnaces, exclusively according to application and user requirements. These furnaces are for example suited for chemical reactions, calcining processes or the production and hardening of granules. They can be used for continuous or discontinuous (batch) operations, with different process gases, under water vapor or in vacuum as well as for exhaust gas or hydrogen post-combustion.

All tube furnaces and split tube furnaces, both single zone or multi-zone (up to 10 heating zones), are suitable as heating units. They can be combined with working tubes made of quartz glass, alumina ceramic, stainless steel and inconel.

The control unit is housed in a separate housing and contains the controls for temperature, motor drive and gas flows.

In addition, we can offer these furnaces with various volumetric feeding units.

Technical data
Maximum temperature 1650 °C at the heater
Maximum continuous working temperature 1600 °C
Diameter of the working space 40 – 300 mm
Length of the working space up to 2000 mm
Rotary speed 4 – 200 U/min
Material of the working tube Quartz, Al2O3 ceramics, stainless steel, inconel
Material flow continuous/ discontinuous (batch operation)
Supply media process gases, water vapor, vacuum, exhaust gas,
Working position horizontal, adjustable inclination 0° – 15°
Atmosphere in the working space / working tube ambient air or with working tube inert, oxidizing and vacuum
Heater atmosphere ambient air

Rotary Furnace

rotary furnace

rotary furnace