Control units with solid state relays or thyristor

Controllers with different comfort features are available, such as:

  • Set point controllers
  • Program controllers
    with 8 or more program steps
  • Program controllers
    for up to 10 parameters

As far as possible, controllers for supply media, drives and vacuum pump stations are incorporated in the control units.

Control of process media
flows and of drives

For a compact and user-friendly
equipment design, operating elements
and displays of additional components are incorporated in the control units
of the furnaces, if possible.
Communication ports of these
components (if any) are also integrated
both into the controller programming
and the software “HTMCtrl+”, thus ensuring quick access to relevant process parameters combined with a high flexibility of the equipment.

Software “HTMCtrl+”

For process visualization and data storage, HTM developed the efficient “HTMCtrl+” communication software.
It enables monitoring, programming, visualization and storage of important parameters of the following temperature controllers:

  • Eurotherm 2xxx, 818, 902
  • PMA KS98

The software program is not meant to control the furnace; this is done by the controller selected.
The software provides the possibility to control gas flows and to take over data from other measuring devices.
In addition to the controllers listed above, the software also supports the following hardware/software:

  • Bronkhorst FlowBus DDE-Server
  • ADDA – Karte ADA8
  • Remotebox “ARAT 2000”
  • Christ CLT 313
  • Nanotec Schrittmotor PDx-I


In general, HTM’s control units are designed to meet the requirements of the particular furnace type.
Our customers may choose from a wide range of temperature controllers available on the market and  opt for a trusted manufacturer.